For more than 50 years, Harry L. Stearns, Inc. has served the construction industry’s lighting needs in Oregon and southwest Washington


A balanced line card, hosting top brands and niche players, provides the tools to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. With an emphasis on Intelligent Lighting Systems, our commitment to customer satisfaction and prompt service is always our number one priority. We welcome the opportunity to serve your lighting needs.

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The Lighting Quotient® is the most reliable source of luminaires for lighting any plane or surface from one edge.  elliptipar® is long known for optical superiority and efficiency, robust design, lasting durability, and outstanding service. tambient® is the first and still most prolific innovator in task/ambient lighting for  open plan work areas, with proprietary and open protocol controls that exceed Title 24, ASHRAE, and LEED building standards.

We  specialize in optical solutions for large volume spaces including transportation and airports, natatoriums, auditoriums and sports venues, indoor wallwashing and outdoor façade lighting, signage and architectural elements, galleries, museums and monuments, retail aisles and library stacks, and commercial offices. x/y=Q  WE are SOLVING FOR LIGHT®.

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